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You know what I mean, the kind where it feels like your heart is gonna burst outta your chest cause when it kicks in its like whoa, hey, yeah life is good.

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Its perfect for summer, and luckily that should be just around the corner. Oh yeah, and we might have chatted about some music…. Alex and I have known each other since preschool—we grew up down the street from each other. We met Nolan and Daniel in high school, and then Alex met Justine in college. The song was our attempt to recapture a little of what Paris felt like to us and bring that to life in our little studio back home.

Just watched the entire West Wing and am about ready to start over from the beginning now.

Stevie Nicks Interviews

And obviously Arrested Development is on the mind at the moment. If not, what was? That would be nice Silver Springs is too much obvious and already known to be a mistery song in this case. Sisters would be my first choice too. Coven doesn't utilize her songs in their entirety either but is careful to highlight lyrics that the scene calls for. Like last week they used Kind of Woman, not really appropriate, except for the chorus which was heard more prominently,while they talked over the rest. Still think that if Stevie is going to actually sing a song it will be something more reflective of what's going on on AHS Coven.

In context, Gold Dust Woman is about drug use, and Silver Springs -although a great song with beautiful lyrics- doesn't really seem to fit. Now when looking at the lyrics of 'Fireflies' as suggested above, this song seems like it could also work, as does 'Sisters of the Moon. So, it may be the case that whichever the song, the lyrics may be altered slightly to fit the show.

"Passenger" by The Grateful Dead, Lyric Analysis

I still think as far as lyrics go, 'Sisters of the Moon' would be the 'Supreme' choice. So we make our choices When there is no choice And we listen to their voices Ignoring our own voice. I love 'Sisters of the Moon' and to sing this song on the show, I would imagine it would be a new stripped down version and performed much lighter and softer, because when Nicks has performed this in concert recently, it seems somewhat difficult. So I could definitely see Nicks doing a fresh version of this song acapella, or acoustic What would be really great is if she actually re-recorded 'Sisters of the Moon' in this manner and re-releases it as a single on iTunes.

Great publicity for them all, and a Perfect time for Christine McVie to re-join the band for a new studio album and Reunion Tour.

What does the lyrics of 'Paper Doll' have to do with a Coven of Witches??? My bet is on 'Sisters of the Moon' or 'Fireflies' as the most obvious choices in order to remain somewhat in context with the show's storyline. Y'all are puttin way too much thought into this. It could be anything. First episode had Edge of Seventeen playing while Misty resurrected alligators and killed 2 poachers It's fun to guess but I wouldn't bet the farm on some mystical connection. Just sayin. I mean Really???

Stevie Nicks Interviews

The show is about Witches, and who will emerge as the next 'Supreme,' not Cocaine or long-lost loves, just to be clear. If you think they're won't be a "connection" with the song Nicks will sing and the general plot-line of the show, then you don't know Witch! Seven Wonders was a major hit back in the day..

It was the 2nd single from Tango, reached 19 in the U.

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon (single version) Lyrics

Maybe she sings "The Chain" at the end That was never a proper single back during the Rumours era I don't think. I'mmmm going with Sisters of the Moon.

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I'm rarely right about my guesses, lol, so we will see! Ryan Murphy, politically correct? At least you gave me a hearty laugh. Post a Comment. Tell me more. She was a trouper and came in and did a song. Everyone came in for it. She did autographs and photographs.


She was very cool. She talked a lot with the actors and watched, and she was really good in her scene. It was a B-side of one of our singles. Any time you can do anything with Stevie where you can find out the true secret of her shawls is amazing. Posted by Nickslive at Thursday, December 12, Email This BlogThis!

I immediately thought Silver Springs 12 December at Gloria said