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How to Reset USB Ports on Mac Laptops

Excellent choice for USB Hub. Has a nice blue glow to each powered USB slot when powered on. If blue lighting is a problem for your situation then this unit is not for you as if light is out the USB will not have power. The electrical cord is good length and not a stingy shorty type. Has a double sided suction cup pad, in double rows that one can apply a bit of moisture to mini suction cups to anchor unit to your desk surface to maintain it's assigned spot. I have mine on it's side so the USB cords plugged Since the hub does not have a separate power supply, it is limited to supplying a maximum total of ma 0.

Would like it in black. Cart Fort Wayne, IN. This USB hub was a surprise. I have had USB hubs in the past, and while they were all fine and worked just like they were supposed too, this one brought a little more to the game. The Construction: This is where this hub went above and beyond. It is a solid aluminum outer shell, offset with white plastic side panels and usb sockets. The feel is tremendous. It feels solid, really solid.

2. Restart the Mac

When a device feels this solid, even if it does not work any faster than any other devices, it still jumps up notches in your mind. I know that Amazon is full of this style of hub, by many manufacturers and if any are up to this quality, then you really have no fears in picking any like this. I can't attest to others quality, but this hub, is quality and Wright NY, United States.

After all, how hard can it be?

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I don't know why. Also, it has clear guidance for installing it- part way into a USB slot, then gently into the vent slots on the bottom of the display, and finally, seating the USB plug all the way. The instructions also state that, "This device can only read one memory card at a time. This thing looks like an Apple add-on when installed.

Because of the way it's mounted, it feels VERY solid while inserting thumb drives Works with no problems. What I didn't realize however is that you can't mix USB formats on the same hub. If you have a USB 3. Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.

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Good Job!! This is great. I detest having to rotate my iMac 27" to reach the USB ports. I also don't like having unwieldy usb hubs laying around. The Sorbent 4-port hub fits perfectly.

1. Check the Connection

Like we mentioned above, it is likely that the Mac is not the problem at all but the USB itself is failing to connect to the Mac. To check if this is a connection issue and that the USB you are using is damaged or not, try connecting a different USB device to the Mac to see if it's recognized.

USB Hub for Mac:

You may also want to check the USB ports on the Mac to make sure there isn't any debris or dust lodged in it. If there are, use a soft cloth to clean out the dust or a toothpick to remove any debris. This problem can also be caused by a software issue. In this case, you may want to restart the Mac to eliminate any software issues that could be causing problems.

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  • Follow these simple steps to restart the Mac;. Just to make sure that it is not a hardware problem, you may want to check that the USB port on the Mac is working fine. Dust and debris can be easily removed like we mentioned in the first solution above, and you can also try using different USB devices to see if they are the problem.

    The process is slightly different for different Mac models. An update of the software on your Mac is also another way you can fix problems with USB connectivity. Follow these simple steps to update your Mac;. Sometimes, just like applications can act unresponsive and buggy, hardware ports can have similar problems. And just like those applications, a reboot or a reset can fix a problem like a USB port. The first step in our USB port troubleshooting is the easiest one: a simple reset of the Mac.

    Your phone is powerful, but it’s not a Mac

    How can this help? Rebooting the Mac resets certain hardware conditions, which may lead to a solution to USB port issues. PRAM, or parameter random-access memory, is a part of the Mac that stores certain settings that can impact hardware performance. The PRAM is a chip that holds certain configuration settings, including things like the date and time, as well as desktop, volume, mouse, and other control settings.

    Resetting may help with getting USB functionality back. SMC, or the System Management Controller, is a system on a chip within Intel-based Macs that plays a role in controlling several hardware-related operations of Mac computers. It controls many different functions within the laptop, including certain things that affect USB port functionality. Resetting the SMC should only be attempted after Steps 1 and 2. For MacBook's with a removable battery early and older.